6 Tips For Getting The Best Essay Finished At The Last Minute

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You know better! Everyone knows better! In spite of this, almost every college students find themselves in the position of writing a college paper at the last minute. College paper writing can be challenging enough. Now you are facing an entirely new level of difficulty. Don’t worry. You can get this done. Here are six tips to get you through the night.

  1. Consider Your Options

Basically, you have two options. You can muddle through by yourself. There are good reasons for doing this. First, it’s part of the college student experience. It’s also a challenge. If you can get through this, you’ll know you have the academic moxie you need. It’s also a bit of a life lesson. You will be motivated to stay on track when working on future essays.

The other option is to buy an essay. If you go this route, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone needs help now and again. Just do your research before deciding on a company to write papers for money. This is where we humbly remind you that we always here with just the best essays for sale. The rest of this post will assume that you have decided to brave things out on your own.

  1. Pick Your Subject And Your Approach

There is no time to hem and haw. Pick a topic quickly. The more you already know about it the better. Then, choose your approach. In other words, what is your thesis? If it’s an argumentative essay, choose the side you are going to take. It may help to hit Google very quickly to do some fast, preliminary research.  Choose something with plenty of sources to do your research.

  1. Research First Write Later

Yes, it is true. You still have to do research. Work fast. Forget about taking notes though. That takes too much time. Instead, copy and paste important information into a master notes document. Do not forget to include citation information!

When you are done, create a simplistic outline. Be sure to mark each line item in your outline so that you know which source it came from. Be sure you have your thesis statement and a few concluding points.

  1. Let Technology Save You

Use Evernote to store your notes. Check out an app such as EasyBib to ensure that you don’t miss a citation. Pull up an upbeat playlist to help you stay awake. Use a distraction writer such as Writer or Typed to get things done quickly. Employ the Hemingway app to ensure your writing passes muster.

  1. Stay Fueled Up

Get some caffeine, but don’t turn yourself into a jittery mess. Take short breaks to walk around and recharge. Don’t surf the net or get on social media unless you know you can tear yourself away from it in a few minutes. Forget about high-quality nutrients or complicated meals. Nuts, beef jerky, candy, cheese sticks, and quick sandwiches are the way to go.

  1. Be Thorough But Not Picky

It’s unlikely that this is going to be your best work ever. Keep it simple. Make sure your work is accurate. Edit and proofread. Double check your rubric to make sure you have everything you need. Then, save your essay and go to bed. That is unless you have a midnight or early morning submission deadline. In that case, log on, submit your essay, then go to bed.


Obviously, the best course of action is to avoid this in the first place. However, if you can’t-do that, following these six tips is a great plan b.

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