The Don’ts of Academic Writing

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Academic writing is certainly dull, and it’s been so since forever. Nothing has changed for ages, and it’s safe to say that nothing will for a really long time. The fact that it’s dull is precisely the reason why many students prefer not to do it in the first place. Or, if they do, they do it in such a manner to just go through with it as fast as possible.

However, we all know that haste isn’t recommended in anything, less alone a serious matter like academic writing. A lot of mistakes can be made in an extremely short time without help with you essay. Let’s see some of these, so you know what you shouldn’t do when dealing with essay writing:

  1. Weak thesis

A weak thesis always equals a poor overall essay paper. A thesis doesn’t need to make the jaws of the professors drop, but it’s not supposed to make them yawn either. For instance, shows you, that it doesn’t matter what kind of paper it is – every written assignment will require you to write a thesis. Also, you shouldn’t write your essay on a topic on which thousands of papers have been written already. The topic you choose will influence the thesis a lot.

  1. “Inventing” quotes

Quotes must have real, trustworthy sources. Something that is taken from some obscure web page doesn’t qualify as a genuine quote. Moreover, you cannot modulate a quote according to your taste – quotes must be unaltered. That’s why you should make friends with the library. This is an honest mistake, though – each of us has felt the need to correct a misspelled word in a quote or to beautify it so it suits our papers better.

  1. Toying around with fonts and spaces

“No one’s going to be able to tell that this is an 11 points font instead of a 12 points one.” Unfortunately, everybody can do that, professors in particular – they have years of experience and eagle eyes when it comes to spotting “minor” inconsistencies. The difference between sentences and paragraphs might not be that overt to you, but it is to professors, as well.

  1. Making it less of a priority than it actually is

Deadlines are made to be respected. By making yourself forget how important that paper actually is, you’re only going to make it look ten times more terrifying when you realize you’ve truly succeeded in forgetting about it. There are people that work well when they’re stressed out, but even those people respect the due dates.

  1. Jumping from idea to idea and finishing none

It’s natural to feel uninspired, but that does not justify rambling on for a couple of pages without saying anything concrete. That’s called “wooden tongue”: writing and speaking a lot but saying nothing. That is going to render your essay unreadable and utterly devoid of any taste and professionalism. Needless to say, that will make your final mark plummet to the ground.

  1. Turning it in without proofreading it first

A don’t as severe as those who’ve already mentioned. If the content is of poor quality, at least make sure that there are no mistakes that could make your professor consider offering you grammar lessons.

If you doubt your skills, you have a great alternative: a paper writing service. That means that somebody else can write your paper while you focus on something else you need to do. Writing services are feasible helping hands. They can be found with the most of ease with the simplest search on Google. Such essay writing service can make a great difference – even that between passing and failing an exam.

5 Great Tools for Better Writing and Learning

writing-servicesMaking the most out of the time spent writing and learning is crucial for any student – not only will it lead to faster progress towards your academic goals, but it will actually reduce the stress associated with it. Rather than going through the same mistakes over and over again, you will be able to make struggles a thing of the past with the right approach.

All it takes is proper planning and a little bit of information regarding the tools that make your life easier. Granted, none of these will do the work for you, but what they do is speed up the process significantly; you will be given the proper guidance that keeps you on the safe path towards improvement.

Here are some of our favorite tools for writing and learning:

  1. Grammarly

Grammar and other general writing struggles will be a thing of the past with this tool, as the impressive algorithm behind the software is able to detect a huge variety of mistakes that your standard Microsoft Word would miss.

Working as a plug-in for it and with most online platforms (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and many more), there is almost no learning curve to speak of. At the press of a button, all the issues in your text will be revealed: grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all checked – what’s more, the program points towards the correct solutions, while also coming with an explanation for them. This makes it an ideal learning tool, as you will be able to learn quickly from your mistakes.

Another big advantage is the fact that it significantly speeds up your work – you will be able to quickly write your thoughts down, without worrying about misspelling or forgetting a comma. After you are done, it only takes seconds or minutes, depending on the text’s length, to bring it into proper shape – a far cry from the time investment required for manual work. You can get it for free or, if you want to make full use of its power, in paid form.

  1. Trello

An excellent tool for those looking to write efficiently and stay organized, Trello allows you to store ideas, create milestones, set deadlines and track progress. You are bound to discover the benefits that a structured approach to your projects brings, as being aware of your current status and future goals at all times makes everything less intimidating. The software is also excellent at managing teams – all of this comes for free, becoming a valuable asset for any student.

  1. AtomicWriter

Good writing always starts with knowing your audience and respecting its demands – AtomicWriter comes to help with that step, as it will evaluate your writing according to the field you are pursuing. It will help with readability, matching your target audience and various other editing aspects. Coming as a free plug-in for Chrome, there is no reason not to make it part of your writing process.

  1. Cliché Finder

While clichés are impossible to avoid, no matter what type of writing you are doing, having them in high numbers is a sure way to have the audience roll their eyes. This simple tool can make a big difference in the perception that your work receives, as it quickly points out the text segments that should be replaced.

  1. ProWritingAid

This app makes editing a breeze – repetitive words or segments, clichés, overly complicated phrases, vague language and other similar issues are quickly addressed, allowing you to make that final step towards excellent writing.

As you can see, a few simple tools are more than enough to help you write and learn efficiently – all these are available in free versions, allowing any student to experience the benefits.